This is my research page, on my personal site. It is a bit misplaced, but I will have a new domain at Indiana University soon. If you mean business, you have come to the right place.


The following are research projects I am doing for my PhD work at Indiana University. It is subject to change, but currently I am breaking into applied logic and case-based artificial intelligence.


The following are research projects I am doing simply for the sake of them, unaffiliated with anybody (except me, of course)!

Currently I am fascinated with the metaphysical justification of what is known as "hypercomputing" in some circles and "super-recursion" in others. I have also been reading papers on the more general topic of physical computation, including the notion of implementation/realization. I also enjoy digging into philosophical issues with the computational theory of mind.

I will also include in this section (possibly) my notes on difficult fiction such as this gem (@Chris do NOT open that link; it contains spoilers!). I tend to read metafiction, mathematically-inspired fiction, or fantastic laughs.


I also did research (if you aren't too elitist about the definition of 'research') during my undergraduate years. The bulk of this work was in equational logic with George McNulty.